The Flora of Jordan

I’ve been working on this one for some time; gathering and making pictures of flowers and plants wherever I go. Not many words for this post, but many, many pictures. I happen to think that it’s far more enjoyable to look at the wonders of Mother Nature than to talk about them. I hope the ones of you who enjoy flowers will enjoy this post.

Thinking of the Middle East conjures visions of vast desert landscapes. However, Jordan is home to around 2,500 plant species from 152 families; about 1% of the total flora of the world. Flowers are in evidence year round and it’s a real joy to stumble upon one and photograph it.

Many plants in Jordan, 349 species are rare and 76 species are threatened. Eighteen species are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists.

040720111868 28062010762 28062010752 28062010718 WildLily-TartarLily WildJujube WadiRum VioletLarkspur Mistletoe002 Oleander QueenAnnesLace SyrianAcanthus-BearsBreeches Tree1 Tulip002 Tulip003 VineOfSodom-BitterApple Mistletoe001 IMG_1215 IMG_1214 IMG_1191 IMG_1173 IMG_1172 IMG_1168 IMG_1167 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0883 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0891 IMG_0897 IMG_0879 IMG_0878 IMG_0818 IMG_0794 IMG_0610 IMG_0008 Hermona-JordansNewestIris-Dibeen GlobeThistle DatePalm DesertBroomrape EdomIris EyeOfSunTulip Fern_Large FlameTree FlameTreeBlossom Flora-074-2 Caper BlackIris003 BlackIris002 BlackIris001 AppleOfSodom Anemone AleppoPine 310320111741 200120111258 200120111259 200120111281 200120111293 260320111634 260320111635 290320111692 290320111705 101220101068 101220101064


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