Thoughts on Blogging, and Gratitude

Ol’ Big Jim spanning the globe

I really like blogging. Not only do I derive a great deal of pleasure from it, but I’ve met some truly interesting bloggers over the past six months or so. They are informative, funny, and above all, supportive of their fellow bloggers.

I’m very fortunate in that my words are actually read. People from all round the world have visited me and read my stories. Just check out that map up there! Many have rated them, all with four or five stars by the way, many more have indicated they ‘liked’ my posts. The dearest ones though, are those that take an extra minute to leave a comment. That’s when I really know I’ve reached someone.

How have readers from fifty-five countries come into contact with my blog? Well, a great many of them ‘stumble on’ it through search engines, Google in particular. Some of the search terms that have led them to me are quite funny. People have searched for ‘primitive ornament Assyrian pictures‘, ‘zest on the brain‘, ‘is tahini good for the brain?‘, ‘dogs‘, and even ‘Judith Graves‘! I haven’t the vaguest idea how these terms led to my site, and I couldn’t duplicate it in Google. But, my Dad always told me not to look a gift horse in the mouth… so I won’t. I’m just enjoying having all of y’all come for a visit and maybe even say a few words to me. Others come by my direct emails notifying them of a new post because they elected to ‘follow’ me and my tales, and still others through Facebook and Twitter.

Many, many people have come to know me and my writings through my fellow bloggers either by back links or some other way. The top five referrers to The Left Wright Brain are these good folks:

And of course, I must mention that Arlee Bird at A to Z Challenge and Emlyn Chand at Novel Publicity & Co are amongst the top referrers.

Based on my experience with my travel blog, Ol’ Big Jim’s Place, I really didn’t expect much from The Left Wright Brain. Luckily, I met some great people who have given me some wonderful blogging advice. How did I manage to meet these people? Through the A to Z Blogging Challenge I participated in this year. That was, so far, my greatest and most fun experience in my six years of blogging. I can’t wait to do it again!

Thank you, all of you, for visiting my blog! And a very special “thank you” to my fellow bloggers who’ve held my hand, guided me through the darkness, and sent your friends over my way. Thanks also to all of you commenters!

Have you considered starting a blog, but just never got round to it for one reason or another? I very highly recommend that you do it! It’s fun, it’s informative, and above all, you will meet some of the greatest people on the face of the earth! Believe me, it’s true! Don’t know where to start, or how to start? I’ll be too happy to hold your hand and get you started. Just gimme a shout!