N is for New Awlins Meat Marinade

New Awlins Meat Marinade

We’re back to New Orleans; my unrivaled favorite American city. I may have mentioned that already…? This rather unusual marinade is “lip-smacking” good! Use it for steaks, chicken, hell, use it on the fish too! It’s a good all-purpose marinade. What do you think of it?

Mark Twain, my absolute favorite author, once observed that “New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.” 

N’Awlins Meat Marinade

 175 ml (6 oz) teriyaki sauce                                        1 t Lowrey’s seasoning salt

175 ml (6 oz) Dr Pepper                                              1 t vegetable oil

175 ml (6 oz) French dressing

Combine all ingredients. Place meat in a sealed container or zip-lok bag and marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Note: This recipe makes enough marinade for about 4 chicken breasts or two good-sized steaks. It’s good on fish, too!

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