I’m an American expatriate living in Amman, Jordan. I spend my time traveling around the country, collecting ideas for my tales when I’m not teaching English as a Second Language, writing or blogging. I love telling stories. Some are true. Some are not. Many are a mixture of truth and fantasy. Pop in from time to time and read the tales I tell. I try to post once a month at minimum. Sometimes, it’s more often. You can bet though, that when there are stories to be told, I’ll be in the thick of it with mine. Enjoy them and leave comments to let me know someone out there in the ether is actually there. Good comments, bad comments, and comments that fall somewhere in the middle are all welcomed because they help me grow as a spinner of yarns.

Meanwhile, read my first published work, New Yesterdays, Changed Tomorrows on sale at Amazon.com in paperback. Then, tell me how you like it!

15 thoughts on “About

    • This is really an astonishing surprise and I thank you so much for it! Feedback like this is what keeps me going on all my blogs. I’m truly grateful and honored that you thought of me! Thanks again, and do keep popping in!

  1. Hey Jim. Been looking up your folks in Calhoun County. Saw a Brimer. There is one in my family. Just recalled who it was. Sorta. Nancy Champion married a Brimer. Think they lived in Gadsden. She was born probably 1890s. Tell me about Dicy Adline “Addie”. Also Robert Lee Angle, Sr.

    • Hi Daniel, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll respond to your questions in a private email. I think I have access to that information.

  2. Hi, just got your URL from Andrea of Middle East Moments. Looking at your gravatar-pic makes me wonder if I did not see you in the NaNo-Forum last November?
    I will love to follow your blog, looks very interesting.

    • Hey Susanne, you sure did see me at NaNoWriMo last year. If you were there in 2011, you might have seen me then, too. Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it very much! Now, I’m off to yours to “check you out”!

  3. I just noticed the dates…. I hope all is well in your world Jim….
    and I hope you come back to weaving and spinning the yarns you do so well…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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