Today, I met a man who can put you on the Bookshelf!

My guest today is Maurice Tudor, the owner of Bookshelf, a blog for promoting writers. Take it away, Maurice!

maurice2001_smallMy name is Maurice Tudor and I reside in the UK.

I have been in advertising for over 16 years so know my way around cyber space.
I am a published author and my main reason in starting my blog just a few weeks ago,
was and is, helping to promote my members, this is what I am good at and I get pleasure from doing it.

Why Pleasure?

I am making solid friendships with people from all over the globe, who are all of the
same tongue, no matter from where they come from. The tongue. Writing. Most authors
write in the same vein and a mutual language. English.

How do I promote my members. I own a submission service that goes to almost every
continent in the world to countless thousands of different avenues of prospects and I
submit twice a week my blog, which encompasses my related writers sites. So each and
every member who asks me to promote them are put before potential thousands of
prospects twice a week

On top of all this I operate a series of discussion groups under the umbrella of “Writers
Co-operative” again a platform for making friends and being noticed.

Ok, who is involved with me and who do I promote? Are you one of these?
Author-writer-Unpublished author-student author-aspiring author-Publisher-Editor-
Scriptwriter-proof reader-translator-critique etc etc?
I want to hear from you by joining me.

If you like what you have read and wish to be part of us, then just go to our blog and tick
on follow at the top

Writers & Authors follow my blog.

Thank you for reading all of this and I hope to be networking with you soon



3 thoughts on “Today, I met a man who can put you on the Bookshelf!

  1. when i wander in cyberspace I sometimes go to pages that I have not heard from in awhile…
    today I wandered within your space….I am always curious what makes one just stop writing….
    I have thought about it alot lately, I love writing, I love chatting with the ones who take time to comment to see how my thoughts were seen, maybe felt to them, but I am tired these days, not sure my words make sense…yesterday I watched my mom smile through reading her cards and her gifts, such sadness because my two sister weren’t here, both passing within three months of each other has take a toll on my mom, I was never really a part of my family, too different being a misfit and here I am the one taking care of her… sad who life changes your world and then moves on leaving one in their memories…
    today I am curious to know that the person I enjoyed reading is okay in the part of the world..
    I hope you are 🙂 know you’re being wished well and much more from Texas 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…

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