Vote for me so the “terrorists” don’t win!

cropped-iron-writer-header-with-grassOkay, maybe voting for my flash fiction tale, He’ll Have to Go may not have any effect on terrorists, but I can promise it will help keep the night terrors away (from me)!

I’m vying with fifteen other excellent writers of flash fiction in the 2013 Iron Writer Summer Solstice Challenge. Our whip-cracking leader, Brian Rogers conceived the idea back in the early days of this year. I competed in, and won, the second challenge with a little yarn I called Breaking News set in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. As a result, here I am in this summer tournament.

I think you, Gentle Reader, will find my story amusing, if nothing else. After you’ve suffered through it, all you have to do is tick my name and cast your vote. My night sweats will probably stop when you do and there’s every chance I won’t wake up screaming a half-dozen times every night. That’s a powerful mouse click you’re holding in your hand. Won’t you use it and give me some quality sleeping time?

One last thing. If you vote for me, I won’t put you in one of my stories and do horribly unspeakable things to you… Fair deal?

Here’s the link, my little voting friend:

6 thoughts on “Vote for me so the “terrorists” don’t win!

  1. I have missed hearing from you lately.

    D0 Jackson says y;all are going to /SA/

    Good luck.

    Can’t see the keyboard with these two kittens on me.


  2. Loved the Iron Writer’s Challenge, Jim. Read all four entries and truly thought yours was the best. It had a kind of “Portrait of Dorian Gray” feel to it that I liked. You are a true talent, Jim. I’ll be looking for others of your work to read.

    • Thank you a hundred thousand times, Mr Squires! I really enjoyed writing it and I sincerely hope you will enjoy my other writings both in these blogs and my book, New Yesterdays, at Amazon.

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