Butter Rolls, Butter Rolls, OMG it’s Butter Rolls!

By now, most of you know my paternal grandmother, Lucy McCarley Wright; better known to all and sundry as Mawmaw. The Bible story of feeding that mob with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish was all fine and good, but I think you could’ve given Mawmaw a scrap of meat and a tater and she would’ve fed the multitudes with it! Lucy could cook!

Now, her butter rolls didn’t look like this, hardly, but this recipe comes closer than anything I’ve been able to find yet. Sadly, I never watched Mawmaw make butter roll, and the Aunties simply aren’t giving up the recipe to me…

Today, I was over at Christy Jordan’s blog, Southern Plate and found her recipe. I’m still in awe and can’t wait to get out into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans! Go on over to Southern Plate and check it out. Christy has presented step-by-step, photographed instructions along with the recipe. Go on now, check it out!

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