Another 5-Star Review for New Yesterdays

5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating rewrite of a shameful period of American history.
October 12, 2012
By Abrach
This review is from: New Yesterdays (Kindle Edition)

The forced removal of the Cherokee Indians in 1838 from their ancestral homes in the South-Eastern parts of the USA has left a legacy of shame and bitterness, which stirs deep emotions even to this day.

But what if the Cherokee and Seminole Indians had forewarning of the white man’s plans for their future? How would they have reacted? What would have been the effect on the development of The United States?

Any rewrite of history is inevitably written in someone else’s blood. However, Jim Wright has provided a fascinating retelling of one of the most shameful episodes in America’s history.

This is a courageous, moral, controversial novel which should be read by anyone who has ever felt a twinge of discomfort over the white man’s treatment of the native peoples of North America. Certainly it is a book that I will not easily forget.


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