The Beautiful Blogger Award

This is truly astonishing; two awards in one day! I’m not only astonished, but humbled that the Resurrected Writer considered me worthy of this award. The idea behind the Beautiful Blogger Award is to recognize some of the bloggers we read for their hard work and inspiration.




Like all awards, this one comes with some “Obligatory Rules”. They are:

  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post,
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog,
  • Tell 7 things about yourself,
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

I am grateful to Jase for nominating me. He has been, and continues to be a real inspiration for me.

Now, I need to add seven things about myself. Add that to the seven I offered for the previous award, striving to avoid repetition and I’m not sure there are really fourteen things about me that anyone would find interesting…

  1. I like to paint. I’m not very good at it, but it’s cathartic.
  2. I never sing anymore, and I’m not sure why. I used to sing in the car, in the shower, everywhere. I’m not a very good singer, either.
  3. I have a recurring fantasy in which I live in the deep desert and raise sheep and camels.
  4. I’ve visited 48 of the 50 United States and 19 countries.
  5. I’ve crossed the Arctic Circle and the Equator.
  6. I have another recurring fantasy of immigrating to Western Australia.
  7. Despite living less than 90 km from the crossing, I’ve never visited Palestine.

I follow nearly 100 blogs and I can honestly say I benefit from each and every one of them. The most difficult part of this exercise is deciding which seven to nominate. Here goes!

  1. Jaraad 
  2. Mullings of Mind Tramp
  3. 400 Days ’til 40
  4. Quite Alone
  5. Voice of a Writer
  6. Alexandra Smith Writer’s Blog
  7. Of Glass & Paper

The world-wide web is filled with impressive bloggers like the seven I’ve just mentioned. Do yourself a favor; visit these seven and explore the web for more. Chances are, you’ll come away a better person for it.

9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger Award

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  2. No wonder you like living in a desert land like Jordan. Your fantasy is to be a shepherd 🙂 I hope you have been to the desert at night.The view of the sky at night is breathtaking. City people can never imagine there are that many stars in the sky.

    Thanks for nominating me for the award it is an honor. I guess I have a post to write now 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jaraad. I adore going to the desert at night. In fact, I slept under the stars down at Wadi Rum just 3 nights ago. It was amazing to see all the stars, and not a few meteors. Remainders from the Perseid showers, I suspect.

      Can’t wait to read your newest post!

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