New Yesterdays

New Yesterdays

I’ve lived with Jim for well over half a century. I expect I probably know him better than anyone on Earth. To this day I don’t know why he does half the things he does.

Here he is in a long abandoned house that’s just on the verge of falling in on itself. When he finds a mysterious appearing section of wall under the kitchen sink, does he back off? Does he consider it might be something he oughtn’t be dabbling in? Of course not; he pushes through the damned thing and finds himself in a cave. We’ve come with him this far, we may as well see what he does next.

The cave turns out to be rather small and Jim finds himself outside. He’s only a few yards away from the place he went in the cave, so why does everything look so different? Why have trees and vegetation replaced the ancient house? And, where’s that damned road?

An ordinary boy would jump, quick as a flash, back through the cave and into the house wouldn’t he? Not this kid, though. He needs to ‘investigate’ this phenomenon. The sense of self-preservation is completely lacking in this inquisitive thirteen-year-old.

What follows is a fun jaunt through Jim’s adventures in a parallel world. Given the things I’ve told you about him, what do you reckon he’ll get up to? Problems and challenges are bound to crop up. Can he muster the courage to do what he knows is the right thing, or will he follow his heart?

Chief Tooantuh

Get a copy of New Yesterdays to find out about Jim’s improbable adventures in an alternate universe. I’d like to hear what you think of the story, and will post any reviews you care to share with me.

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