The Kreativ Blogger Award

Well, lookee here! It’s my very first award as a blogger! Thanks so much to Pamela over at The Death Writer for nominating me for this coveted prize. I’m looking now for a virtual hammer and nail so I can hang it on my virtual wall for all to see and envy. Don’t deny it; I can see the envy in those yellow, sidewise glances you’re throwing my way. Envy is an ugly emotion, Hon, you may need to see someone about that. Your day will come little Darlin’, your day will come. Who knows? I could be this very day…

Now, down to the business part of accepting this award; several things have to be accomplished before I can be truly accepted as a Kreativ Blogger.

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated me. Check.
  2. Answer the ten questions. Keep reading, you’ll find them. You may not like them, or the answers; but you’ll find them.
  3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about myself. Random? There’s nothing a’tall random about me! Ok, ok, I’ll come up with something. I am a writer after all, aren’t I? I’m supposed to be imaginative…
  4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award. The difficult thing here will be paring the list down to seven… I’ll do it though, somehow.

Now; here are the questions:

  1. What’s your favorite song?
    1. Erm, I thought these would be insightful questions designed to reveal the hidden face of Ol’ Big Jim. Favorite song? Hell, that changes from day-to-day. Sometimes hour-by-hour. But, right now, on the 16th Day of May 2012 at 10.50 am I reckon I’d have to offer this one because Bette Midler is a perennial favorite and it always makes me smile. I adore Miss Otis!

Miss Otis Regrets Go ahead; give it a listen. We’ll wait.

  1. What’s your favorite desert?
    1. Definitely Wadi Rum! Granted, I’ve only seen three deserts, but this one beats them all in my humble opinion. If it was good enough for Lawrence of Arabia then, by God, it’s good enough for me!

      Wadi Rum

      Oh, sorry. That was meant to be dessert?? Well then, no doubt about it, my favorite delectable comestible would have to be that Southern favorite, Banana Pudding!

      Nanner Puddin’

  2. What do you do when you’re upset?
    1. Most times I just rant and rave like a madman for a spell. After that, I just want to be alone to collect my thoughts… and plot revenge.
  3. Which is your favorite pet?
    1. We only have one pet now, so it’d have to be our beloved cat, Umm Khalil. Have a look for yourself; how could you not love a face like this?

      Umm Khalil

  4. Which do you prefer, black or white?
    1. Black or white? White or black? Damnation, what kind of question is this? I love the cool, clean appearance of white clothes. Black hair, coupled with dark eyes and a little goatee are breath-takingly fetching, especially when wearing an all-white outfit!  Nope. Sorry, I just can’t give a definitive answer on this one. Take it or leave it…
  5. What is your biggest fear?
    1. Being forgotten after I’m gone.
  6. What is your attitude mostly?
    1. I reckon I fluctuate, just about equally, between surly and pensive.

Ten Random Facts about Ol’ Big Jim

  1. I’m really a much nicer person than I appear.
  2. I said goodbye to my comfortable (read: boring) life and moved nearly 10,000 miles to the other side of Earth for love.
  3. My parents taught me more about life than they will ever imagine. For that, I am truly grateful every day I live.
  4. My paternal Grandmother, I called her Mawmaw, was and is my heroine and role model.
  5. My Companion, Zeek, makes my life worth living.
  6. I have a recurring fantasy of being King.
  7. I have an intense dislike of many of the innovations of modern life.
  8. I recently published my first novel. It has been greatly disregarded by most and has received rave reviews by a handful.
  9. To the great puzzlement of most of my family and friends, I genuinely like opera.
  10. My next novel, due out sometime next year, would make an amazing movie that would be sure to gross even more than Avatar!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Give me some suspenseful music, Maestro. The nominees for Kreative Blogger are…

  1. Rose in Finland writes EvillyChic
  2. Stellamarr writes The Secret Life of a Manhattan Call Girl
  3. Manipal writes 7theaven
  4. Brian writes Pilgrim Without A Shrine
  5. Philip Mallinson writes Learning The Craft of Writing
  6. Jill writes Jill of All Trades… Expert of None!
  7. Adrian writes It’s My Way Or The Highway

Take some time and visit the blogs of the nominees. I think that like me, you will be delighted by their offerings. All seven of these bloggers add a bright spot to my day… every day!

This concludes the acceptance ceremonies of the Kreative Blogger Awards. Our program was brought to you by our good sponsors at Ardley Newham Funeral Home, the accounting firm of Imelda Czechs and the Bail Bond office of Freida Gogh. We now return you to your regularly scheduled soap opera, The Young and the Rest of Us, already in progress.

20 thoughts on “The Kreativ Blogger Award

    • Thanks for those words! I won’t let Umm Khalil read this because she already is arrogant and proud. If she saw your words she would be impossible to live with! 😛

    • Thanks so much for coming by! King? As in Your Majesty, of course! I worship Stephen King, so I’d never dare to aspire to deity, but if I were King? Heads would ROLL! ;~)

    • It had been quite a long time since I had it too, but thankfully not 27 years! The lack of vanilla wafers was the stumbling block. After I mastered making them, nothing could stop me. I hope you’ll make one for yourself soon. No one should go without ‘nanner puddin’ that long!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda! I apologize for the delay in responding. Your comment was relegated to “spam”. Thanks so much for your kind words. The cat is gorgeous yes, but truly psychotic 😛 Bless her heart…

  1. banana pudding! Oh how I would love some of my granny Bunch’s good ole fashioned nanner puddin! I still find it hard to believe that you Ole big Jim live 10,000 miles from me!!! You are amazing ole cuz!!!

    • In this modern time, 10k miles is nothing! Come over and for a visit and I’ll make you all the nanner puddin’ you can possibly eat! And, don’t forget, I make my own vanilla wafers from scratch… it doesn’t get any better than that!

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