R is for Rhapsodic, Radiant Riz au Lait (Rice Pudding)!

Riz au Lait (Rice Pudding)

¾ C short grain rice                                                     1/3 C golden raisins

946 ml (1 qt) whole milk or half-and-half                      1/8 t salt

2/3 C sugar                                                                   ¼ t cinnamon

2 T honey                                                                       Pinch of nutmeg

1 t vanilla

Rinse the rice and put it in a heavy saucepan with the milk, sugar, honey, vanilla, raisins, and cinnamon. Bring the pan to a low boil and reduce heat to simmer. Cook, stirring frequently, until it thickens to a pudding consistency (25-30 minutes).

Allow the pudding to cool, or even refrigerate it. Sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg to serve.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My little Mawmaw used to make this dessert fairly often, and it was one of my favorites. I reckon I inherited my “sweet tooth” from her. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her gene for never gaining any weight… Food historians tell us this traditionally American dish actually originated in the Middle East. It was a porridge-like dish made with several different grains. The Romans, bless ‘em, used it as a medicine! Does this wonderful comfort food evoke any memories for you?

Have I told you about Cherie Reich? During this wonderful A to Z Challenge, she’s featuring twenty-six flash fiction pieces from her Foxwick Kingdom and let me tell you, she’s telling one amazing story! Don’t believe me? Get over to her blog and see for yourself!

Here’s a ‘goodun’ for you! Dawn Dalton & Judith Graves present The Most-Wanted Monsters Deck. They are giving us twenty-six opportunities to help us survive a paranormal apocalypse. This is a hugely entertaining blog, so let’s all trot on over there and check out their entire deck of Paranormal Identification Playing Cards (PIPC)!

This morning I found a truly wonderful blog! She’s a Happy Canadian who writes Big Girl Panties. She warns us, right up front, that she lives in her own little world… but they know her there… Be sure to visit these, and some of our fellow A to Z Bloggers!


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