My First Guest Post!

"Tools of the Trade"

The A to Z Blogging Challenge has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve not only tested my mettle as a blogger, but I’ve met a lot of really wonderful people who are far better bloggers than me. One of those special people is Pamela who writes a blog called The Death Writer. If you haven’t been over (despite my repeated urgings) I recommend  you go today!

Pamela was kind enough to ask me to write a blog post for the letter ‘P’, P is for Preparation in which I generally discussed the process of embalming a body for burial. We’ve received some really nice comments about the piece, and now I’m antsy to do more guest posts! Not only that, but I’m hoping to attract a few guest bloggers for The Left Wright Brain! Any takers? My blog is quite general, so pretty much any subject of a non-adult nature would be welcomed!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click the link (there are three, and they all go to the same page) and check out my first guest post at The Death Writer! While you’re there, read some of her other posts. Pamela is very insightful and compassionate. You’ll come away from her blog a better person for the experience.


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