K is for Kicking, Killer Kebabs!

Lamb Kebabs

Kebab (kabab, kabob) originated in Persia, and may have evolved due to the scarcity of wood for fires. The traditional Arab story says that medieval Persian soldiers used their swords to grill their meat over open fires.



1 t garlic, crushed                                                        ½ t ground cumin

2 t fresh ginger, chopped fine                                     ½ t ground coriander

2 T lemon juice                                                            1/8 t ground cayenne

¼ C peanut or vegetable oil                                        2 T onion, grated

½ t ground turmeric


1 kg (2 lb) lean lamb, cut in cubes                              2 med bell peppers, chunked

2 med onions, quartered                                             2 med tomatoes, quartered

Preheat the broiler or light the barbecue (preferred).

Divide the meat and vegetables evenly into 4 parts and skewer the pieces, alternating meat and vegetables, on 4 skewers. Place the skewers 10-12 cm (4-5”) from the flame. Grill, turning to cook evenly, for about 10 minutes.


We always have these kebabs at our Friday barbecues. The marinade gives a beautiful savory flavor to the lamb. Just wrap a pita around the kebabs, grip firmly and slide them off the skewer for an instant sandwich that will have you coming back for more, more, more! This recipe works equally well for beef kebabs. See that comment button up there? Click it and tell me something!

We have more than 1800 bloggers participating in the A to Z Challenge. Check a few of them out, you’re sure to find something you like! Post comments on their blogs, let them know you were there and liked what you read. Rachel Morgan Writes is doing an alphabetic Creepy Hollow Fae that is riveting! And, of course I must mention that Natalie Wright has done a very, very nice guest post at The Masquerade Crew. If you’re a writer or blogger, it’s well worth your time to give her advice a read… and heed!

Here are a few pictures we made last Friday.


10 thoughts on “K is for Kicking, Killer Kebabs!

    • Thanks for the compliment, Ashe’! I haven’t written one, but I’ve been putting one together for the last few months. Hope to publish this year.

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