Blogging From A to Z

I’ve received an interesting email from Writer’s Nook. The A to Z April Challenge is upon us. Ever since reading Sue Grafton’s crime series that are written alphabetically, I’ve been intrigued with the idea of creating a similar series. Several other authors have followed the pattern somewhat successfully.

This challenge is to write one blog post per day, “with Sundays off for good behavior”, during the month of April. I think I’m up to that challenge. Stay tuned to this blog and see what I churn out next month. Maybe it will be garbage, maybe there will be a few gems among the garbage. You’ll never know if you don’t come round to check it out.

Are you a blogger? Does this challenge give you any ideas? Check out the A to Z site and sign up for what is sure to be a fun month of blogging. Dust off those ideas you’ve been keeping in back of your mind and put them on the screen.

Read my posts. Make comments. Tell me if I’m doing a good job; if I’m throwing crap and calling it art, tell me that too!

Meanwhile, I’m dredging my mind for a theme. Obviously, crime is right out. There’s no way I can hope (or even want) to emulate Sue Grafton. She is the mistress of crime stories. What would you like to see written in these posts? I promise, double promise I’ll consider any and all suggestions! Now, I’d best get started trying to wring a few words out of this damned uncooperative keyboard…

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